Programmes Of Change

programmes of change

The IPF is  where businesses and individuals come for inspiration, information, education tools and a network focused on EnvironmentPeopleCommunity & Craftmanship.  This community of interested parties will build knowledge and resources. 

The IPF aims to address Industrial Scale Change for the UK fashion industry while knowledge sharing with an international network and like minded community.  A comprehensive step-change is needed across the fashion industry to contribute to our society and protect our planet for the future.  ​​

The approach to change will be informed by actionable research, insights, expert opinion and supported by significant industry experience.  ​​

The aim is for the power of collective effort to amplify independent activity.  As such, we will work with existing initiatives to disseminate information to members and industry, acting as a powerful partner, connecting all the dots for British businesses and sharing new resources and developed by the IPF and innovation developed in the UK with international stakeholders.  

list of programmes

The Future of Fashion Innovation Showcase is a curated set of innovators addressing key sustainability and responsible business challenges across fashion’s complex value chain from design and sourcing, the way in which new products are created and services through to consumption models.

The Institute of Positive Fashion Forum uses the BFC’s convening power to bring together actors across the ecosystem to address the largest climate-related issues facing the industry today. Global experts will share their knowledge to fast-track collective positive change.

The Stakeholder Actions and Connections diagrams lays out clear and personalised actions for all stakeholders to participate in the creation of a Circular Fashion Ecosystem, from adopting digital prototyping to boosting re-commerce, explore the diagram to find out how you can participate.

The Circular Fashion Ecosystem project is a blueprint for the future of fashion. Presented here are three target outcomes for a future circular fashion ecosystem in the UK. Combined, they make up the target state for the circular fashion ecosystem and allow for its long-term viability, resilience, and prosperity.

Leading British brands Burberry, Phoebe English and Stella McCartney came together with the British Fashion Council and the UK’s GREAT campaign at Cop26 to showcase the UK’s commitment to climate action through fashion innovation.