Sheep Inc

Sheep Inc. create naturally carbon negative, 100% traceable and trackable, ZQ certified, Merino Wool, Unisex knitwear.

Achieving carbon negativity through a commitment to regenerative farming and a robust offsetting strategy vetted by climate scientists, namely Mark Maslin, Professor of Climatology at UCL, Sheep Inc. wanted to prove it was possible for fashion to have a positive impact today. Each piece of Sheep Inc. knitwear is engineered to restore our relationship with the natural world. With every element of the brand considered, the Sheep Inc. design approach sources natural materials that are enhanced by science and enabled by humans. Focusing on regenerative design.

Sheep Inc. are intent on being part of the fashion solution not the problem, designing the brand to put the consumer back in touch by connecting them with the sheep that contributed to their jumper, through an NFC tag on the sweater hem. 

Tapping on this tag provides all details of the products unique creation journey including people involved and the carbon footprint per step. And as the name Sheep Included suggests, it also links the wearer to a sheep on one of the New Zealand farms that contributed to the knitwear. Allowing you to interact with the origins of your product. In our case a sheep.