Compare Ethics

Compare Ethics is the verification technology that turns sustainability data into a tangible return on investment for retail businesses. Powered by patent pending technology, they ensure businesses are compliant with new greenwashing regulations, while increasing sales up to 89%.  

Businesses lack the technology and team capacity to ensure every product is compliant with new greenwashing regulations that will come into force in the EU and UK in 2021. At the same time, businesses struggle to communicate sustainability impact to their customers - 80% of customers do not trust sustainable claims made by businesses. It's time to leverage supply chain data, not only to meet the regulation deadline, but also to get a financial return for positive impact. 

The Compare Ethics technology verifies supply chain data and ranks the products across 9 categories. The technology then instantly and accurately communicates the data to consumers at the point of sale. The use of third-party verification by Compare Ethics increases revenues by up to 89%. Creating a clear business case for being transparent.  

At the core of the platform, Compare Ethics’ algorithms use third-party supply chain data and machine learning to identify and assess a product's responsible status. Based on over 5 years of research and academic peer reviews, the technology is aligned to global standards and ensures all product claims are substantiated with credible data. 

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