Karinna Nobbs


Karinna Nobbs is an Educator, Nowist and Connector. She is a published author, consulting and lecturing globally on retail innovation and the digitalisation of the fashion industry. In 2019 she created HOT:SECOND a circular economy concept store trading physical goods for digital experiences called. In 2020 she co-founded a Web3 marketplace for digital fashion NFTs.

THE DEMATERIALISED's vision is to enable anyone to discover, experience and trade Digital Fashion. It is both a Web3 dCommerce solution and a whitel label operating system. It facilitates new forms of culture whilst offering transparent provenance and creative sovereignty to its community using the LUKSO blockchain.

The business was created by Co-Founders Marjorie Hernandez and Karinna Nobbs in response to the recognition that the whole supply and demand chain i.e. consumers, creators, makers, media and brands are all seeking better and more sustainable solutions for how to create, communicate, own, use and dispose of fashion.

Digital Fashion NFT’s are a new and exciting industry which offer the opportunity for everyone to engage with new forms of fashion which have both a lower environmental impact, and a fairer system of economic wealth distribution.
The Future is Dematerialised.

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