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Explore 3 pillars: Environment, People, Community & Craftsmanship

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The Circular Fashion Ecosystem Report

Just launched - a blueprint for the future. 

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Exploring new business models, circular design principles, innovative production processes, consumption and waste reduction. Let’s safeguard our planet and with it futureproof brands and businesses.


Encouraging equal, diverse, empowered workforces across the supply chain, from head office, to shop floor. Enabling open, considerate and fair places to work. 

Community & Craftsmanship

Focusing on the positive impact the fashion industry has on communities and role skills and craftsmanship can play in sustaining local livelihoods.


Global initiatives addressing the fashion industry's impact on environment, people, community and craftsmanship.


Institute of Positive Fashion Forum

The first Institute of Positive Fashion Forum took place on Thursday 10th June and brought together key voices of the fashion industry and beyond, sparking conversations and collaboration. Buy tickets to access the content on demand. 

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