Welcome to the Institute of Positive Fashion

The IPF celebrates industry best practice and encourages future business decisions to create positive change in the fashion industry.

Explore global resources to help you do business better through three pathways, Environment, People, Community & Craftsmanship. Now is the time to focus on Positive Change.

We invite you to unite in our goal for a more sustainable fashion industry achieved through global collaboration and local action.


This pillar focuses on environmental and business governance to drive a more sustainable fashion future


This pillar represents the people, from the product makers to the staff, students and models who pioneer our brands

community and craftsmanship

This pillar supports the talent, skills and elements of craftsmanship that make up our unique industry and have positive impacts on local communities

The circular fashion ecosystem

Our map of the future flows, consumer behaviours, and operational elements needed to achieve circularity.


Caroline Rush British Fashion Council
Claire Bergkamp Textile Exchange
Cyrill Gutsch Parley for the Oceans
Dax Lovegrove Salter Baxter
Jalaj Hora Nike
Lynda Petherick BFC NED
Shailja Dube British Fashion Council
Simon Platts Recomme