Future of Fashion Innovation Showcase

The Future of Fashion Innovation Showcase highlights a curated set of innovators who are addressing key sustainability and responsible business challenges across fashion’s complex value chain. This includes design and sourcing, the way in which new products are created and consumption models.

Providing a glimpse into the future of fashion, the showcase returns for its third iteration and launched with an in person exhibition at IPF Forum 2023.

  • Design: CQ Studio
  • Sourcing: FibreLab
  • Production: Pattern Project, SAGES, 
  • Retail: Dressipi
  • Wear & Post-use: Give Your Best, XEROS, Zoa Rental
  • Transparency & Traceability: Madeby, Redivivum

Explore the value chain showcase below through the interactive graphic and visit the innovators’ profile to find out more. 

Transparency & Traceability

Madeby is a technology solution transforming the way fashion brands communicate sustainability and engage with circularity.

At Madeby we help brands verify and communicate their environmental and social claims, empowering them to share their sustainability and circularity efforts in a transparent and engaging way that wins hearts and minds of customers, stakeholders, regulators and investors. As trust becomes a precious currency, brands must move quickly to stay front of mind and demonstrate their claims stand up to scrutiny and they are not only walking the walk, but also leading the industry forwards.


Redivivum is solving the challenges of textile waste with smart sorting solutions for the fashion and textiles sector.