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Catch up on all of the groundbreaking keynotes and the panels that took place as part of the hacks at the IPF Forum 2024, exploring the innovative questions challenging our industry today. 


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Opening Keynote: In conversation with Paul Dillinger, Levi's

Speaker to be announced

Keynote 2: Human rights and Environmental Sustainability: the time to act is now

Keynote 3: The IPF's Low Carbon Transition Programme

Keynote 4: In conversation with Mr Brunello Cucinelli

Keynote 6: Thangam Debbonaire in conversation with June Sarpong OBE

ON DEMAND CONTENT: Gabriela Hearst in conversation with Sarah Kent

ON DEMAND CONTENT: A time of transformation, creativity, and new ideas

Session 1: Scaling Circular Design and Circular Business Models

Our industry is saturated with pilots, partnerships and proof of concepts for circular business models and moving to circular product design. Action is being taken, however scale and critical mass of circularity is far off. How might we help accelerate the scaled displacement of non-circular products with circular products in the marketplace? This session will unpick action across product changes, operational changes, and the importance of moving to circular services to reduce waste and preserve our planetary boundaries.

Session 2: Ensuring clean production and green growth in international volume manufacturing markets

Fostering cleaner production and promoting green growth in global textile and apparel manufacturing markets is of increasing importance to the sustainability agenda. The session will discuss the pivotal role of cleaner production practices (i.e. water and energy efficiency), use of innovative technologies and collaborative efforts in driving environmental stewardship, social justice and achieving long-term sustainability across the industry’s supply-chain.

Session 3: The business case for recycled fibre content

This session will delve into the compelling business case for incorporating recycled fibre content in the apparel and textiles retail sector of the UK, exploring the economic, environmental, societal and customer-consumer-driven factors driving the adoption of recycled materials by retailers and brands across the industry.

Session 4: Our new normal; regulation-readiness to drive responsible business action

Durability, repairability, recyclability are core aspects of the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles. For UK companies who intend to do business with the EU, there are new regulations to be aware of which may come into play as early as next year. This session will focus on the changing regulation landscape in the next 2 years, and what businesses need to do in preparation.

Session 5: In pursuit of net zero through circularity

A stronger business case needs to be made between circular economy strategies and emissions reduction.  Whilst businesses are embedding climate action activities and forming net zero targets, quantification of emissions reductions through circular solutions remains difficult to establish and define. This should not halt effort or progress.

This session explores how circular economy solutions can be used as a tool to meet business net zero targets, and how we can improve the business case to government on the critical role circular solutions play in net zero pathways.

Session 6: Opportunities of UK reshoring alongside global markets

This session will be dedicated to exploring the opportunities associated with reshoring textile and apparel manufacturing to the UK, alongside global manufacturing, by examining the opportunities, complexities and strategic considerations involved in partially reshoring manufacturing within the textile and apparel industry.