Dio Kurazawa

Co-Founder, The Bear Scouts

Dio Kurazawa is at the forefront of the war against waste in the fashion industry and is on a mission to minimise excess stock and implement sustainable practises within all areas of clothing production. Co-founder of The Bear Scouts, an agency designed to help brands implement sustainable practises, Dio spends an incredible amount of his time researching and developing new processes and his eye for innovation is like no other. He is extremely passionate and, having worked in the fashion industry all his life, has devoted his time to advocating and implementing a responsible production line. In addition to his work at The Bear Scouts, Dio is an advisor for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, Sustainable Board Member at GANNI a/s, Board Member at Fashion Open Studio and a lecturer at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. While he is a staunch advocate for change, it is always approached with kindness. His overall objective in life is to be kind and tackle sustainability in the fashion industry by educating us all on how we can do better. As an industry, we have learnt so much from him already and acknowledge that there will always be more we can do to improve.

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