Daisy Knatchbull

Founder, The Deck

Whilst working with renowned Savile Row tailor, Huntsman, The Deck Founder Daisy Knatchbull noticed the absence of any brands specialising in made-to-order suits focusing exclusively on women.

This realisation became the seed from which Daisy’s brand ‘The Deck’ launched – a tailoring business seeking to empower women. This was solidified when Daisy became the first woman to ever wear a bespoke morning suit at Royal Ascot.

The Deck launched in April 2019, challenging the idea that tailored suiting is a man’s world and women’s merely an afterthought.

Daisy’s personal style and taste aided her curation of the four silhouettes, each named after the suits in a deck of cards. Under the teams expert guidance you can choose the cloth and styling details before an expert tailor creates your unique suit. With an incomparable fit, these timeless pieces are deliberately designed for their versatility and exceptional quality.

4 styles, 7000 cloth choices, 20 measurements, 2000 stitches.

Your choice of cloth, lining, button, thread & monogramming. From the comfort of your home, office or Savile Row atelier.

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