Vanessa Podmore

Fashion Industry Consultant

Vanessa Podmore is a fashion industry consultant with deep insight and operational expertise in many areas of the international supply chain in both luxury and high street businesses. A firm believer in finding creative solutions to the challenges of working responsibly in a competitive and fast paced industry, more recently her focus has moved to the big global issues of over production, waste of natural resources  and the abuse of human rights within supply chains. She is keen to see the business model that drives these issues evolve so that businesses instead add value in new ways to all conventional stakeholders plus the ecosystems that are at risk within our environment. With many years hands on experience at running complex supply chains and the teams who deliver them ( at brand such as Clarks Shoes, Coach Leather Goods, Jimmy Choo and Burberry), Vanessa is passionate about using her knowledge and voice to support new talent and the initiatives that support them and drive the new fashion agenda.

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