Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos

Consumer and Business Psychologist

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos is a leading London-based consumer and business psychologist of global renown. Implementing his trusted expertise in the fields of academia, consultancy, media commentary and art advising, he uses science to provide solutions for business challenges, helping understand how people connect with certain brands and services - and, crucially, why. As an academic and researcher at University College London, Dr Tsivrikos was the first person to establish the field of consumer psychology in the UK and understood at an early stage how making the connection between communications, economics and psychology can help business. Consumers are increasingly cynical and believe much less in the theatre of branding. Dr Tsivrikos expertly and influentially uses psychology to work out what people want and think to build products and services that are long-lasting and more absorbing. Dr Tsivrikos consults for a series of large global corporations and brands, providing strategy and insight into how they resolve challenges within their sector. He helps them understand who the consumer is, demonstrates how to approach them and provides trend forecasts for how their behaviour might shift in the future. He boosts commercial success and produces results powered by science. Dr Tsivrikos has lent his distinctive approach to a range of clients in a broad spread of industries: from investment banks to media broadcasters, from luxury fashion houses to the NHS. He regularly offers opinion and expertise on how we use psychology and science to resolve day-to-day challenges and understand consumer behaviour. Dr Tsivrikos has appeared on documentaries and human interest shows on the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4 and Channel 5. He also acts as a regular scientific consultant for titles including the Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Vice and Esquire. 

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