Philippa Grogan

Sustainability Consultant: Policy, Fashion & Textiles, Eco-Age

During Philippa’s degree in Textile Design and Business Studies at Brighton University, a slight curveball led her to a series of block printing internships in Jaipur, India where she became obsessed with the environmental and social impacts of the fashion and textile sectors.

She has always loved drawing and design, but found equal enjoyment in complaining about the shocking state of the industry and trying to find solutions through a mix of traditional and more modern techniques. After finishing her degree, she completed a Masters and split her time between various textile experiments in the UK and travelling around India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, visiting factories and producers, from tiny, rural natural dyers and hand weavers to huge industrial manufacturers making garments for all our favourite (not!) fast fashion brands.

She joined Eco-Age in June 2019.

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