Daniel Peters

Founder of The Fashion Minority Report

Launched in July 2020 by brand and marketing specialist, Daniel Peters, The (Fashion) Minority Report exists to create equality within the fashion industry and creative sector for diverse professionals, by advancing the conversation around inclusion and diversity to a point of measurable change.

"We connect with a broad reach of clients to help them create Inclusive Workplace Cultures, by developing strategies and delivering solutions unique to their businesses that foster a more inclusive community which supports existing talent. A key element of our strategy is to provide a funnel to integrate underrepresented  professional talent into these companies, in turn bolstering the sector as a whole and making it more diverse."

Peters, a Peckham native, also sits on the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee at the British Fashion Council, and the Fashion Retail Academy, helping to bring about systemic change relating to inclusion and diversity in the sector.

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