Dominique Palmer

Climate Justice Activist, Storyteller, Writer and Speaker

Dominique Palmer is a Climate Justice Activist, Storyteller, Writer and Speaker based in the U.K. She is a coordinator in Climate Live, and a member of the HERO U.K Climate Justice Circle. She became an environmentalist after discovering how air pollution was impacting her community. She began her youth activism in 2018, and was involved in the September 2019 climate strikes which brought 300,000 people on the streets in the U.K.

She has spoken on world stages about climate justice and her activism, at events such as UN Climate Conference COP26, NY Times Hub hosted by Emma Watson alongside Malala and Greta Thunberg, the UN Women CWS66 Youth Forum, at the O2 with Billie Eilish, CultureCop in Egypt alongside Mary Robinson, at COP25 with the Indigenous Pavillion, and TEDxCountdown with Climate Reality. She was named in Forbes 2020 Top U.K Environmentalists List for her work, and in March 2023, she was honoured as a Young Leader at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards hosted by Livia Firth, Viola Davis and Tom Ford and was introduced and awarded on stage by Annie Lennox. She has featured in the recent Guardian film, DAZED, Sunday Times Style, BBC, Guardian Weekend, Stylist, Atmos, National Geographic, and has appeared in British Vogue, New York Times, Sky News, National Geographic, Washington Post, Bustle, Global Citizen, and more.

Harnessing the creative power of the arts to communicate climate issues, and finding joy through uniting, is a passion of hers. Palmer is a coordinator in Climate Live, a global youth-led concerts harnessing the power of music to engage, educate and empower. She has hosted a panel at Overheated with Billie Eilish at the O2, recorded a song for earth day with Swedish grammi winning artist Titiyo, delivered a worksop with Live Out for the Grammy Museum, and presented the influential power of the arts for climate action at the Barbican. She is also a member of Bad Activist Collective, a collective of change-makers, artists, storytellers and activists dismantling perfectionism & fighting for liberation for people & the planet.

She pushes for equitable climate action, and pressures leaders to act. She was in the UN Women’s Feminist Action Coalition for Climate Justice with Fridays for Future MAPA , and a contributor in the co-development of the Global Youth Recommendations: Youth, Gender, and Climate Change. She is on the Climate Committee for Ecologi, a Treaty Champion for the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, and an Arctic Angel for Global Choices,. Additionally, she is a Contributing Climate Justice editor with @feminist on Instagram and author for Shado Mag.

Palmer is also passionate about sustainable fashion, and veganism. She has walked Kornit fashion week show with Anyango Mpinga and has modelled for brands environmental campaigns including Pangaia and Kurt Geiger. Dominique has also consulted funders, brands and companies on engaging Gen Z, and sustainability, as well as delivered workshops on topics ranging from Eco-Anxiety, to sustainability. She has worked with brands including Lush, Sky Tv Nature, Timberland and Rainforest Alliance.

She is a recent graduate student of the University of Birmingham studying Political Science and International Relations. She has written her dissertation on the intersection of climate change and gender, with a focus on Ecofeminism and how lived experiences shape the perception of Climate Justice

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