Kyle Ho


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kyle moved to London in 2014 to hone his craft. His ferocious appetite for design and unwavering dedication to achieving his vision has yielded both a degree (BA) in Fashion Styling and a masters (MA) in Menswear Design. Choosing to specialise in menswear, a field dominated by archaic rules and restricted by tradition, Kyle seeks to defy these well-established norms to spearhead a movement of more progressive and unique styling for men. Driven by his unconventional perception of the world, his design philosophy is guided by the principle of challenging the status quo and subverting expectations – to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. With a focus on progressive bespoke tailoring, the Kyle Ho aesthetic seeks to elevate menswear by forgoing tradition and rebuking the restrictions of the field through the incorporation of high-fashion silhouettes. While the silhouettes are extravagant with exaggerated proportions, there is a strong emphasis on enhancing the finer details of a piece. Though the construction and design of the garment remains paramount, there is a notable focus on the sourcing of materials. A Kyle Ho garment is designed to be captivatingly peculiar but fundamentally exists to be a functional and reliable staple of one’s wardrobe. Ultimately, Kyle Ho exists as a way to challenge the dated views on what defines masculinity and explore how the male physique can be distorted and enhanced via the use of eccentric designs.

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