Beth Wharfe

Director, Circular Business

Beth is the Director of Circular Business at Burberry. She has been at Burberry for nearly nine years and is the business lead for the ReBurberry programme – a collective of initiatives demonstrating Burberry’s commitment to responsibility and circularity.

Her main area of focus in recent years has been leading the introduction and embedding of circular services at Burberry, including refresh, repair, rental, resale and remake. These services are designed to prolong the life of Burberry’s luxury products and help customers enjoy them for longer. A variety of Burberry’s aftercare and circular services are available in over 300 stores across 33 countries, with over 45,000 repairs conducted for customers in 2023. Last year, Burberry launched two new rental and resale initiatives in partnership with My Wardrobe HQ and Vestiaire Collective respectively. Prior to joining Burberry, Beth was a management consultant at Accenture and then EY, focused on change management in the retail/fashion industry.

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