Rachel Walker

Founder & CEO

Rachel is the founder & CEO of LLUK (Luxury Lockstitch UK), a multi-faceted business specialising in skills-based sewing services. One one hand, producing fashion and homeware based products for global luxury brands, and on the other, enabling fabric producers to fulfil finished-goods orders to their clients where they fall short of skills, machinery or capacity. Their managed services can deliver a complete finished product or simply fulfil the needs of a singular process where a specialist skill is required.

LLUK began their journey working with but no not limited to, Cashmere, Merino and woollen products, supporting UK based mills with CMT and embroidery services. Following an organic expansion from 17 to 70+ employees over the past 3 years, they now offer a vast array of specialist skills-based services, working to alleviating the skills-gap within the UK fashion and textiles industry. Rachel is a values-led leader with integrity & caring at the core of how she operates. She is on an
unrelenting pursuit to demonstrate that success and value can be achieved by conducting business collaboratively and outside of the ‘norm’.

Rachel’s ‘cause’ is to positively contribute to providing permanent jobs and to demonstrate that textiles can offer viable pathways for young individuals to develop legitimate careers in the fashion industry and businesses that support it.

Her ‘why’ is to build a community of highly skilled people to solve the impending industry wide skills-shortage within the fashion and textile manufacturing sector.

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