Dr. R Sri Ram

Bags of Ethics, part of the Supreme Creations group

Dr. R Sri Ram is founder of Bags of Ethics part of the Supreme Creations group. Founded in 1999 the eco-packaging industry with manufacturing facilities in South India and sales offices in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

Supreme is one of the largest manufacturers in its field and has won numerous awards for sustainability in supply chains.

The company has an 80% female workforce of 800 employees with sales offices across Europe. Leading sustainable and ethical manufacture, the company awards include Most Ethical Supply Chain, Business in the Community; COP26 Ambassador, and UK Business is GREAT, export ambassador.

Sri has been at the forefront of bringing behavioural change.

In 2005, when the plastic bag ban was introduced, Supreme Creations worked with major supermarket brands Tesco, The Co-op, Sainsburys, John Lewis and Waitrose. Over a period of 10 years, they created beautifully designed sustainable, reusable bags made from materials like cotton, canvas and jute. This greatly influenced consumer buyer behaviour in the UK, reducing the use of almost 20 billion single use plastic bags over the years and making reusable bags the standard. In response to the demand, Dr. R. Sri Ram set up one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities, incorporating state of the art printing and fabrication services in his factory in Pondicherry.

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